Fort Myers personal training programs Testimonials

Hear what our clients have to say about our Fort Myers personal training programs. *Results are based on active and strict participation in our program. Results may vary based on individual user and are not guaranteed.
  • Since I cannot motivate myself, I have now been training once a week with Louann for the past two years. Now, I cannot even imagine going through a week without a training session. Thank you, Louann, for continuing to motivate me!

    I. Wilde, age 42
  • cache_4087271795Just wanted to thank you and your Staff for a remarkable job in getting me not only in shape, but also healthy. Your knowledge and understanding of the human body and my body specifically, is more like a doctor or physical therapist. I came to see you as an aging, aching, out of shape male. Thanks to GoodLife Works, I am no longer aching or out of shape. My stamina is improved. I can do activities that 6 months ago would have been impossible. My body tone has caught my wife’s eye. Not bad after 30 years. My broken back is only a memory, which is truly amazing. My diet is much better and my weight is where it should be. My only unmet expectation is that I am still aging! I know you have that answered too. You’re just holding out. Thanks, I feel you and your staff are all part of my family and we all share a commitment to a healthy and happy future.
    Fondly, Mark Anderson
  • I have been an avid runner for 30 years and am approaching the wonderful age of 60. My running program has been one of the best things I have done for myself in my life. However, I have always thought that I really didn’t have to do anything else as far as MY FITNESS PROGRAM was concerned.
    After knowing LouAnn Good and having the opportunity to discuss with her my program and goals, she suggested that I consider adding a strength training regime to my running program.
    LouAnn performed an initial assessment and then tailored a strength training program to supplement my cardiovascular program. She provided clear and patient instructions on all aspects of the strength training program as well as constant support and encouragement. I have been faithfully following this program and have experienced results that I couldn’t have imagined! Wow! I’m feeling much more energetic and vibrant, and I’ve received an unexpected benefit---I’ve lost 8 pounds in the 2 ½ months since I started LouAnn’s strength training program!
    I’m now looking forward to my 60th birthday and being in the best shape of my life!! Frankly, I feel so much younger.

    Thank you LouAnn!

    Sincerely yours,

  • “I have tried so many times and so many ways to lose weight, but had not been very successful. From our very first session, I have felt I was in good hands with Louann. For the first time, I felt as if my trainer saw me as a complete person instead of just focusing on my physical shape and abilities."
    K. Gore, age 30
  • “Louann helped me train for my first marathon and I could not have wished for a better trainer. I could never have gotten into this shape and would never have achieved this kind of endurance with my own limited know-how about the abilities of my own body.“
    Nathan G., age 27

*Results are based on active and strict participation in our program. Results may vary based on individual user and are not guaranteed.